King of Cynical Control


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Recorded at Fragile Studio, Athens - Greece
Produced by Vangelis Yalamas & Infidel
Mixed & mastered by Vangelis Yalamas

Released on 3-fold digipak CD format by Venerate Industries - October 2011


released October 30, 2011

Music & lyrics by: Manos Giakoumakis / Chris Kissadjekian / Dennis Kostopoulos / Yiannis Pousios



all rights reserved


INFIDEL Αθήνα, Greece

INFIDEL is a metal band with its own twist

Athens, Greece

Yiannis Pousios - voice
Dennis Kostopoulos - lead & rhythm guitars
Chris Kissadjekian - bass, vocals
Manos Giakoumakis - drums


(EMI Music Greece - November 2006)
Released in USA by Caroline Records (2007)

(Venerate Industries - October 2011)
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Track Name: No News, Good News
So, what went wrong?
Was it all
Just their view about the world?

How does it feel?
How does it seem?
A passive viewer you’re meant to be

It’s insane to portray
This disaster and dismay
Find a way to escape
Seek the path to seize the day

Sin after sin
It is obscene
To judge the people through your screen

Rot in peace
You’re obsolete
‘Cause TV blocked your will to live

It’s insane to portray
This corruption and dismay
Find a way to escape
Seek the path to seize the day

Gazing, I’m looking
The falling of belief, the circle of deceit
Manipulation of your mind
Searching, I’m seeking
Beyond the lifestyle which they sell
Lies a better way for you, today

See this… Can you believe it?

And I’m rejecting, disconnecting
And it feels like resurrecting
But it’s confusing
So I’m refusing
And inside my head it’s so amusing
They’ll shed another tear for you
And then forget your name
They care about your safety
But still they lead the way
Investing on your fear, they’ll put an eye and ear
On what you always thought it was your own
Track Name: The Pessimist
Surrounding me in orbit
There’s a liars’ crowd
People say they’re sorry
But then they turn around
Inside of me
It’s the urge to run away

There are no guardian angels
Protectors of my soul
No offers of salvation
May bring a light of hope
At the moon
Scream my awful pain away

So much pain
I’m a moral slave
In the bondage of my phobias and shame
I’m framed
In endless delusion
A dead-end confusion

As I sink
Into my own grief
There’s a raging impulse, crawling
Sadistic compulsion
It’s time for some action

In disillusionment

Don’t wanna kill again

My eyes are seeing red
Reeking of despair
I cry out
If you stand in my way
You will regret the day you’re born

I am an artifact
Of devastation
Someone whose only sense
Was desperation
Out in the lonely streets
My spirit’s loose again
Wandering in the mist
Of my infernal quest

Come close to me
What do you see?
Doomed destiny
Not just a freak

Meet the disciple
Of hate
Born in the burial grounds
Of fate
When people see my face
They’re staring full of dread
They know I’ve got the fame
That I was raised in hell
Track Name: King of Cynical Control
You find it hard to realize
That being part of this device
Makes you insane
One more drop of rain
In a sea of endless guilt

What is the needed remedy,
Required to set you free?
The key solution…
Just a delusion…
A mirage among beliefs

The taste of poison…
Like sugar-drops into my brain
I’m feeding on my nightmares
And all these screams, they call my name
My isolation…
A Compromise…
No need for help, it doesn’t mean a thing
Dissatisfaction guaranteed

Just how it was, it’s meant to be
You are unable to perceive
That all this pain
Is a tiny grain
For the harvest of your dreams

Seeking for the path to happiness
Makes you understand your loneliness
Your illumination…
Like a castle made of sand

In the end, what’s left behind?
A social mask for me to hide
Unspoken wishes, untold desires and deeper needs
My silent rage, my mute disease
My isolation…
A compromise…
No need for help, it doesn’t mean a thing
Dissatisfaction guaranteed

I ‘m all alone

I ‘m all alone

Who wants to know?

Into the abyss
The fish will eat your head
Laying over you
Their sacrificial web
Deep down in the dark
Chances are all too low
Plans cannot be met
When no one’s left to know

Searching for a place
For you to go and hide
Needs a common eye
But you’re completely blind
Looking for relief
In alternates of hope
Feeling like the king
Of cynical control

Crash the boundaries
The only escape is the fall from grace
Go on and raise your head
To overcome your fear

Time to clench your fist
Holding on to pain will result in shame
Come back and eat their hearts out
Spill their blood today

Striking with ferocious might
With absolute determination
Butchering the beast inside
A divine annihilation
Devouring its guts – I’M FEELING
Feasting on its flesh – I’M HEALING
All those who stand before me
Will taste revenge and fury
Track Name: Song for the Black Sheep
Forcing your ways
Into my head
Feels like a mental damnation

I know
My soul
Won’t kneel before limitations

No need to impose
What’s right or wrong
‘Cause I’ll stand against regulations

Your walls
Can’t hold
The spirit that longs for redemption

For redemption

Stay away from me
I am your enemy
I know your name
I know your face
And I’ll terminate your being

Why does it seem so wrong
To decide on my own
I deny what I was told
I shall turn the tide alone
With open eyes
And open mind
I will not live in vain
Track Name: III - Your Fallacy
Drill deep inside
What’s on your mind?
Just think about
What could have been
Our way of life
Without sin
A wasteland
A hollow ground
A boring trip
An empty hand

Life eternal
Strain infernal
Promises of future bliss
Suffocate our will to live

If the world ends tomorrow
Would you like to die in sorrow?
‘Cause the things you’ve never tried
Will haunt your soul
Forever and ever
You should look beyond the veil
Of religious blind faith
Listen to the sirens sing
Temptation’s wings
Will take you higher

Don’t be afraid
No need to pray
Conscience’s the god
Inside you and me

Your life today
No hell

Track Name: Shades of Solitude
I lose control
Down the spiral of frustration untold

How on earth
Could I master my madness
Since I think I am drowning in sadness

All I need
Is a dream
A prospect of joy and pleasure
An escape from imminent failure

Lost and forlorn
Trapped inside
My mental black hole

Locked again
In the halls of denial
Let my gaze at my own funeral pyre

All I need
Is a dream
A prospect of joy and pleasure
To believe

You were the last one alike
To disappear from my mind
Your days are over but salvation is yet to come
Each time a story is told
About a failure foretold
I seal the gates that separate me from the world

And find my shelter in the shades of solitude

You were the last one alike
To disappear from my mind
Your days are over but salvation is yet to come
How could I ever presume
That all my senses were consumed
In making my cerebral universe of gloom

I found my shelter in the shades of solitude

Cast me a spell
To liberate, liberate me

A way out of hell
Set to liberate, liberate me